SqlSaturday #267 – a great work

In this series of posts about the SQLSaturday the most important post is missing 🙂

This event would not be possible without the volunteers who invested precious hours of their time to deal with the various subjects, it was a pleasure working with this team.

One person who was from the beginning to give all their time to this event was our  community leader Niko Neugebauer 

Screen-Shot-2014-02-21-at-18.00.45-240x300 There are no words to describe all his efforts in this event. Thanks Niko.

Another person who invested their time and also brought upon some help from home was our friend Paulo Matos.

BlAdYVeIgAAU9dQ Paulo was the person who had more feet on the ground and that helped make many important decisions without which we would not have the main event or the 7 pre-conference and all the logistics involved in these three days

This year we had an exceptional help from Andre, Andre was restless in the preparation for the event and was always available to help in several areas where someone failed for some task. andre1 Thanks Andre you were exceptional.


It is impossible to mention all the volunteers, but still liked to refer Vitor Pombeiro, Murilo Miranda, Paulo Borges, Bruno Basto, and many others who helped in the preparation and production of the event.

This event also had not been possible without the tremendous support of our sponsors, and deserves a special thanks from all the SQL community.


We also had support media for example where we have our media partner (wintech) and the event refered on a media technological calendar.

sqlsat267_wintech        aberto madrugada

Of course this event made ​​sense only with speakers, big thank you to our speakers for excellent sessions that introduced us.


Besides having presented sessions were also mentioned in several blogs with news about the event where are some examples:







It is also important to note that this international event also had its share of charity, the food left over from lunch that were intact were delivered to an institution which then distributes those most in need of support.





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SqlSaturday #267 – my chosen sessions


This was one of the big problems I had in SQLSaturday!

The choice of sessions to watch 🙂

With over 50 sessions to choose from can ensure that the choice was not easy.

Attended many internationally known names as national names, and many of the speakers present I consider them as friends  🙂


With a very full schedule http://www.sqlsaturday.com/267/schedule.aspx i started by going to one of the easiest choices .. the keynote 🙂

The keynote was delivered by the leader of  our community (Niko Neugebauerand our main sponsor  Microsoft through our friend Paulo Mena which gave us some novelty in the new version of SQL Server 2014.

For the next session began choices, and with 7 simultaneous sessions began difficulties.

My choice was something new that Mirosoft is developing and how I like innovations behold chose the session “Project Siena – The gist” with the speaker Paulo Matos.



The project siena is something that is a few months and although there is still a final version can already perform some proofs of concept with this tool.

Paulo Matos has more information on this topic on your blog and you can see the posts here: http://www.paulomatos.com/2014/03/project-siena-beta-2-finally.html


And behold, the time comes when I have no choice about the session to attend!

It’s time to introduce my session, the session I presented was “Good fellows – System Center and SQL Server



The session went smoothly, and I’ve put a post about it here.

The next choice was the session of Brent Ozar, with the presentation “Real-Life SQL 2012 and 2014 Availability Group Deployments”


As expected it was a great session with an excellent speaker.

After lunch the organization offered participants thank the sponsors that it was time to choose the next session.

The time to learn more about “Clustered columnstore” with the session “Deep Dive Clustered columnstore” arrived delivered by Niko Neugebauer.


I already had some knowledge on the subject but in this session I learned in greater detail some very important details.
Niko has several posts in his blog on the subject that I recommend to follow because they are beautifully detailed and presented.
The presentation session was excellent. Thanks Niko.

After a short break it was the turn of our Gold sponsors have their sessions, and this time esolhi see a bit of each sponsor and the feedback I got from anyone was watching in each of the sessions was very positive



The following section was again with Brent and this time was “How to Think Like the Engine” session

How could it happen the Brent again presented the topic in a spectacular way and it took me to get some more notice of the reasons for some of the behaviors of the SQL engine.

Brent has some additional information on this topic on your blog and even has a video to explain the topic http://www.brentozar.com/archive/2014/04/updated-think-like-sql-server-videos/


The last session I chose was the session of Mark Broadbent “Olde Cluster Curiosity Shoppe – A Miscellany of top tips from the field”


Mark Broadbent – “Olde Cluster Curiosity Shoppe – A Miscellany of top tips from the field” – Photo taken by Régis Baccaro @regbac


Mark is a great friend and the presentation was very entertaining and there was a lot of interaction with the audience.

In one example of the problems  that Mark presented i refer that the resolution to the problem of registration of the name of the SQL cluster could done differently and that I had already made this operation, but come now confirm that Mark was right; to fix my situation in a different way was really different; the problem was that Mark presented the account be deleted when I was running and my situation was during the setup of the cluster there are problems with the record being created for it already exists.

Mark you were right 🙂


It was time to end the raffle prizes offered by the sponsors and the organization.

Offers from our sponsors were raffled, and the organization’s raffled 2 Surface devices.


Thank you all 🙂
Organization, sponsors, speakers and attendees



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Session – Good fellows – System Center and SQL Server

Last Saturday April 12th at SqlSaturday #267 event had the pleasure of presenting a session at this international event.


The session I presented was “Good fellows – System Center and SQL Server”

The session filled the room, and I gave my own chair to the audience, and even then some people were standing.

I want to thank all the people who were in my session and the good feedback I got.

The session contents were:

  • What is System Center ?
  • A little history…
  • Why System Center and SQL ?
  • Licensing System Center
  • Monitoring Agent
  • SCOM Managements Pack’s
  • Monitors and Rules


Although he managed to make the presentation within the allotted time felt that there was the need to talk about some issues in more detail.

The main objective was to inform the System Center and demonstrate how this can be useful to SQL professionals; eg SCOM (System Center Operations Manager) is an excellent monitoring tool that besides monitoring infrastructure can monitor SQL Server in more detail; SCCM (System Center Configuration Manager) can be used to make the deployment of servers and instances of SQL Server, you can apply patches as both a single server in a server farm.

The day before the session of Brent Ozar had been reported as a problem with a connection to the SAN switch and as in my session had people who had also been in session Brent I gave the example that with SCOM can monitor the use of each switch port and thereby identify the problems, of course since the swicth has active and configured SNMP. the switch ports connecting to the SAN and servers through SNMP monitoring using a tool monitoring.

As promised in the session have made available the presentation slides from the event website and they are available for download. http://www.sqlsaturday.com/267/eventhome.aspx





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PreCon Session – Virtualization, Storage, and Hardware for SQL Server


Last Friday11th of April I attended the Virtualization, Storage, and Hardware for SQL Server PreCon course at SQLSaturday #267.

Delivered by Brent Ozar who was rocking on stage, it was a superb performance session

The course contents were:

  • How to use wait stats to find the bottleneck
  • How to use Perfmon counters to prove it’s really a problem
  • What config settings to ask your SAN admin and VMware admin for
  • How to configure SQL Server for SANs and VMware
  • Whether data and logs should go on the same drive, or separate
  • How many virtual CPUs you should start with
  • Why every physical SQL Server box needs 96GB of memory

Besides all the course objectives have been met even existed room for several questions where the answers and Brent always gave indication of what would be the best way forward.

Brent referred in one example the problem of saturation on the link connecting the SAN, I’ve been through this problem with a customer and could easily detect the problem by monitoring the switch ports connecting to the SAN and servers through SNMP monitoring using a tool monitoring.

There are several free tools to perform this monitoring, but rather requires that the administrator of the SANor  switch configure SNMP to allow such monitoring which sometimes is hard 🙂

I had already known Brent at Pass Summit 2011 but it was a great pleasure to be in a full day session and talk personally with someone so fun and with so much knowledge.

Thanks Brent

For those unable to watch can see the entire contents of the training video on the following page:


For those who have chance to watch the session live enjoy



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PreCon Session – High Availability & Disaster Recovery Deep Dive



Last Thursday  10th of April I attended the High Availability & Disaster Recovery Deep Dive PreCon course at SQLSaturday #267  http://www.sqlsaturday.com/267/eventhome.aspx

What a great session i was too!

Delivered by Edwin Sarmiento who clearly know their stuff

The course was great, the contents were:

  • What requirements need to be met when implementing an HA/DR project
  • How to identify different SQL Server features and technologies – backup, recovery, database mirroring, log shipping, clustering, AlwaysOn – that can be used in addressing HA/DR requirements
  • How to implement the appropriate technology to meet HA/DR service level agreement

The best part is that all course objectives were met and I had the pleasure of knowing that Edwin is a great person.

Enjoyed seeing Edwin noted several situations that have passed; one of the funny situations was the problem with the temperature in the data center and servers in consequence of warming.

For those unable to watch can see the entire contents of the training video on the following page:


For those who have chance to watch the session live enjoy



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